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An invaluable resource for nature photographers.


Promotes the art and science of photography.


Digital photography equipment review.

Nature/Bird Photographers:

Arthur Morris

A free-lance nature photographer and writer specializing in birds.

EJ Peiker

A freelance nature photographer from Arizona and his specialty is in creating artistic images of ducks.

Greg Downing

Nature photographer and publisher of online nature photography magazine; NatureScapes.Net,

Alan Murphy

A renowned bird photographer specialized in song/land birds.

Lana Hays

A biology teacher and a talented bird photographer

Glenn Bartley

A seasoned bird photographer from Ontario, Canada.

KK Hui - Avian Portfolio at NatureScapes.Net
KK Hui - FRPS Panel (April 2005)

Articles by KK Hui:
Bird Photography - The Basics
Bird Photography - The Basics (part II)

Special Feature by KK Hui:
Dalmatian Pelican
Oriental Stork
Gallery - Flora and Macro
International Dragon Boat Races - 2012
NatureScapes.net Newsletter - Agust 2011
Interview with KK Hui  FRPS